Spin Rinse Dryer
  Multi Cassettes type           1 cassette type


Spin rinse dryers

Model JS2D is designed to dry two or four carriers simultaneously.

With a clean filter installed in the upper part, clean air is constantly introduced

to the inside of the machine to keep the chamber clean. (Optional D.I rinsing available)


2, 4?cassettes type

Model JS2D-150(6inch), JS2D-200(8inch), JS2D-300(12inch)-2 carrier type
2~4 carrier type

2, 4-carrier type available: 2, 4, 5, 6 inch wafer

Rotating speed Spin : 0-900rpm(variable)
Dry : 0-900rpm(variable)
Processing time Spin: 0-999.9sec(variable)
Dry: 0-999.9sec(variable)


D.I water rinse ( optional)

Auto Balancing


HEPA, ULPA filter 0.3m, filtration 99.99% or over.
Lid Automatically opened/closed
Exhaust Auto damper provided
Power supply 3 AC220V, 50/60Hz3 380V AC, 50/60Hz




    -Static eliminator(ionizer)
    -Hot air generator

    -Can be automated with
    robot system
    -Cradles of different sizes -D.I water rinsing mechanism
    -N2 blow mechanism
    -Special specifications/Spindryers
    available for glass substrates and
    ceramic substrates.


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